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Tired of yanking out your beard hair? With the Gentleman Beard & Hair Straightener, you now have a faster, gentler and hassle-free way to get a perfect, smooth look in no time. Designed for luxury, the Gentleman’s comfort grip handle and massaging straightening bristles will not only give your beard an overall healthier look, but you can also use it on your hair. Negative ion technology allows hair to be hydrated and smoothed simultaneously, preventing heat damage for a healthy, polished look. This straightener is sure to change the way you straighten your beard!

NO FRIZZ, ALL SHINE: Negative ions close the cuticle layer to create a smooth, silky hair surface and seal in the hair's natural moisture. This provides ultimate shine, color and moisture protection for hair. Negative ions also eliminate static electricity on the hair surface so hair is left silky and frizz-free!

3-IN-1 STYLING: Straightens, detangle and smooths with every pass. The anti-static coating provides for an easy glide through even the roughest facial hair with less pulling.

DESIGNED FOR ALL BEARD TYPES: The Gentleman works perfectly for every beard type and length, short or long.

EASY TO USE: Featuring a comfort grip handle and temperature adjustment along with massaging bristles that will help promote blood circulation which help deliver oxygen and nutrients to hair while reducing frizz and adding shine.

PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: With a lightweight body and a compact size the Gentleman makes the perfect travel companion.




  1. Ensure hair is clean.
  2. Plug in the straightener and turn it on using the on-off button, then set to your desired temperature and allow for it to heat up.
  3. Slowly slide the straightener down the length of the hair from roots to tips. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Allow the hair to cool before further styling.
  5. When you are done turn off the straightener using the on-off button and unplug it from the socket.

Be sure to clean your straightener regularly. When your brush is unplugged and completely cool, wipe down the bristles with a warm, damp cloth. This should remove any product residue buildup from the tool. Be sure to clean the spaces in between the bristles too. 

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